1. Dub Disco 005 Vinyl Record / DuDi005 by S&W

Dub Disco 005 Vinyl Record / DuDi005 by S&W

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Balearic Album of the Year!
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Dub Disco´s first record and album that comes in a wonderful full color design package by awesome illustrator Victoria Stampfer.

As the sun shines through the open windows and paints pictures of light on the walls. We hear waves of mediterranean warmth tumbling over pacific
synths and tropical drums - slowly synchronizing our pulse with the sound of the distant tide.

We close our eyes and feel a little shiver running down our neck as the music starts soaring through
our minds. We discover the faint idea of a smile on our face and take a slow deep breath. Inhale.
And exhale.
You and your thoughts, united in solitude. Dream as long as you like - this is our weekend far out.

A Weekend Far Out is the first album written and produced by Berlin based duo S&W.


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