1. Dub Disco 001 Vinyl Record / DuDi001 by Aussteiger

Dub Disco 001 Vinyl Record / DuDi001 by Aussteiger

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All good things take time, Aussteiger said once. And indeed, it took a serious amount of time to get everything set for what soon will be known as Dub Disco´s first release!

We’ve been digging deep inside his tune collection. Not only to make sure that the first three-tracker is a belter, but that it also showcases exactly the kind of musical approach we wanted as our personal imprint:
To hell with a boring and homogeneous release that only represents one genre!

We were looking for something that stands for itself, something that tells a story, something that is representative for what the artist stands for in a musical sense. And after a tedious quest, we carefully curated something we think is dope!


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